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"Lee Armstrong has been one of the most inspiring and influential voices in my life. He has been a friend in precious moments, assisted me in navigating high-level administrative challenges in ministry and business, demonstrated servant leadership, and provided valuable tips on creating a winning culture in our organization. His leadership insight and development tools are top notch. Lee is a master communicator with the ability to clarify complex matters to a variety of audiences."

Phillip in Michigan

A Personal Note ... These 2 things stop people the most:

FROM: Lee Armstrong -- Why do so many people STRUGGLE to keep a positive mindset, practice healthy habits, and try NEW strategies that can help them become more effective communicators, enjoy better relationships, increase wealth, happiness and their influence?

It's not because they are not "good people".

In fact, they're a lot like you.

They are committed and just like you, they know they deserve better things in life!

So what holds them back?


  1. Lack of consistent training and a curriculum to help them advance.
  2. Accountability and coaching so they get qualified perspective, helpful direction and feedback!  See the Study Results below:

This study showed an increase in "life productivity" / goal attainment between 65% and 95% depending on the level of connection to coaching. This means: Your Commitment + A Good Coach = 90+ % Success rate!

So let me ask you another question:

What do you want?

If you want a greater level of success - that includes increasing levels of health, happiness & joy on the journey - while increasing income (if that's your objective) - and doing so without any loss or damage to your key relationships, but rather enhancing these connections in the process... with time tested proven principles that have been applied to many diverse people & situations over the past 40 years - with resounding success,... then keep reading.

"For many years Lee has facilitated growth in my life and business by guiding me to the truth and sharing proper perspective of what really matters in the challenges I've faced. Lee has the gift of encouraging me and holding me accountable simultaneously. "

Kevin in Oklahoma
Community Leader

If this sounds intriguing to you:

Join our group with no risk, for just $1 today and even your $1 is fully refundable!

After speaking to thousands for many years...

And coaching hundreds to greater life success one on one, I want to help you - via powerful group coaching that is both effective & personalized.

Why am I doing this:

Because, given technology developments, this is currently the most efficient way I can help you & others enjoy your life more, right now.

"Lee is a humble leader with a servants heart full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding!"

Eric in Oklahoma


This isn't for everyone.

If you are a person who complains a lot or doesn't see the potential value of gaining "well seasoned & proven know how" from other people - or you don't want to possibly be part of a community that seeks to build up and encourage one another - on this sometimes challenging life journey - this isn't for you.  And to be honest, as we coach and develop an online community together, we are looking for people who want associations with others who have or want to grow in "positive desire and good energy".  

Get started now and gain instant Access to these 3 Bonuses:

Lee's 3 part Video & PDF Course (Value $67)

Compiled over 30 years and after helping thousands of people discover:  How To Be Happy.  This course includes a personality survey to help you understand what "lights your fire" and simple, practical, proven steps you can start tomorrow to instantly improve your relationships & level of daily, "life enjoyment".

KEYS To Succeeding in Life & Business!  (Value $47)

A specially recorded video Lee presented to a select group of leaders.  Packed with proven, yet simple principles which have helped many achieve greater fulfillment quickly!  Let's get started.

A Unique & Powerful Teaching (Value $37)

Gain an understanding of principles that lead you to work/life balance in a way that provides you with more enjoyable relationships at home as well as greater productivity at work.

Plus, you will get WEEKLY coaching sessions along with a monthly Live Q&A session - to encourage you and provide proven tips to help keep you on track toward greater quality of life & YOUR Goals!

Slots are limited as Lee can only work with a certain number of people at any given time - but if the Get Started Now button is visible below, there are still open slots remaining.

Research has clearly shown that if you want to achieve greater things in your life, a good life coach increases your likelihood of enjoying a greater quality of life and accomplishing your dreams by about 90+ %  

That's pretty good odds - Get started today for just $1, No Risk!  Your $1 is fully refundable for 30 days and our Email Support address is:  [email protected] and this email will be provided on your receipt and any email we send you as well.  Your 3 Bonuses (valued at over $150) will be instantly accessible and are yours to keep, even if you request a $1 refund. 

Many professional life coaching programs do not have the level of expertise associated with them or experience & caring like Lee brings & very few are competent enough to provide monthly LIVE Q&A - And yet we've seen other life and business coaching programs priced from $1,900 per month to as little as $200/month.

In our case, sample what we offer for 15 days for only $1 and if you do nothing - after 15 days you will be billed just $47 per month and then,'ll be all set to get the long term, professional input and proven guidance needed to help you obtain a much greater quality of life, in any area of your life you need it - from a proven professional life & business coach & group mentor who really understands relationships, finance, life balance, fulfillment, purpose, etc. and cares about sharing his proven, total success principles with you!  Each Live Q&A is recorded and sent to you via email, in case you miss any of these Live broadcasts.

I've got nothing to lose and a lot to gain - People from all walks of life have already benefited from Lee's Coaching - Pilots, Pastors, Home-makers, Entreprenuers, etc.  I'm in.

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"Lee has advised me in establishing and maintaining a healthy culture in multiple businesses as well as personal coaching for navigating difficult relationship dynamics and personal decision making. His insights have been developed through experience and his impact is palpable. The ability to view situations from a multi-dimensional and long term perspective is rare in our culture these days and Lee stands out as a beacon of wisdom and strength to help those desiring to achieve holistic life victory for not only themselves, but those around them. My life, my family’s life, and my team are all better because of this man."

Entrepreneur and Investor

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